Energy Medicine

Alternative medicine is an umbrella term used to describe several different schools of thought and practice that are aimed at healing through alternatives other than western medicine. One such practice is Energy Medicine.

In short, energy medicine is the use of healing energy by a healer to help their client manage or overcome an ailment. The healer will channel the positive healing energy into their client in order to help the body, mind, spirit reconnect and join in the healing process.


So what is energy? Energy is everything. It is not just the electrical impulses in our brains. It encompasses the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Energy medicine is not to be confused with a faith healing. Energy medicine has no faith prerequisite, whereas faith healing will take place within a religious context.

There is controversy surrounding energy medicine as there are with many other alternative approaches. Often times, healers are referred to as frauds and scam artists because energy medicine is not widely accepted by the medical community. However, there have been positive results for many of those who choose to use energy medicine. shutterstock_120187948