Numerology is the study of relationships between numbers and events. There are many traditional forms of numerology dating back to the earliest mathematicians, however, numerology is no longer considered to be part of mathematics.

Numerology is often used alongside astrology and the like to predict life paths and occurrences. Similar to astrology, there are specific charts that one can have done and interpreted. Each number has a meaning and a significance depending on where it appears in the chart.

The meanings of each number are not specific and the interpretations of the numbers vary from culture to culture. There are several common interpretations.shutterstock_77979073

1 is understood to mean individual. It often refers to “self” and represents leadership.

2 represents balance and being receptive. It also refers to union and/or partnership.

3 represents communication and/or interaction.

4 represents creation.

5 represents action. It can also represent restlessness (within the person), as well as life experience.

6 represents family and the home, as well as the responsibility that comes along with these things.

7 represents spirit. There is also a close tie to consciousness and thought.

8 is the number of power. It also recognizes sacrifice, which is something that often comes with power.

9 represents change.

There are numerologists that practice the analysis of double-digit numbers as well. This form of numerology focuses on the evidence of significant double-digit numbers in many faith-based practices.


Like astrology, the interpretations of numerological charts leave much up to the person receiving the chart. The amount of truth that you will find in your chart depends on how you interpret what has been said. It is important to take these charts as you would an astrological reading. There may be things that are more true to your experience than others. How you interpret these readings is your choice. An important thing to keep in mind is not only to look forward, but look at all of the wonderful gifts and blessings that are a part of day-to-day living.



For as long as man has been on this earth, we have looked to the skies for answers. Whether it is looking to God or looking to the stars, we have often wondered how far it reaches and if there are answers that can be drawn from what lies above us. Astrology began as an account of meaning derived from what appeared in the night sky. Ancient civilizations used astrology to map out seasons as well as lunar patterns and influences.

Throughout the decades, astrology developed into the interpretation of signs from the stars. Reading star patterns/movement and making predictions about life patterns based upon these readings became an important part of aristocratic life. Astrologers were not only giving advice about love and money, but about the best time to make a journey and harvest, as well as diagnosing and treating mental illness.

Presently astrology serves as a link between man and the stars, linking us with the movements and giving predictions and advice based on the stars.  Western astrology focuses mainly on the zodiac signs and their relative placement to each other for predictions, taking into account the alignment of planets.  Horoscopes are also a large part of Western astrology.


Time and time again people ask how much truth there is to horoscopes.  Horoscope comes from the Greek word horoskopos, meaning a look at the hours. This is what a horoscope is about; looking at the planets and constellations, determining their relative position to each other and basing a prediction of life events on this positioning. Horoscopes are meant to be a general guideline, not a specific and exact prediction of the day/month/year that it is written for.  Astrological signs and the planets can also be used to chart relationship compatibility and longevity.  Like the other aspects that astrology can be used with, it is more meant to be a general guideline rather than a specific and exact prediction.  The following is a general idea of how the planets are used to make these connections:

As with many practices like astrology, much is left up to interpretation.  As mentioned above, astrological predictions are meant more as a general guideline.  With this in mind the choice is ultimately yours on what is truth and what is fiction based upon your own experiences. There are many that fraud innocent people saying that their predictions are 100% accurate and will change your life.  It is important to do your research if you are choosing to see an astrologer, in order to choose the best one suited for you and your needs.  Looking to the stars for answers is a natural part of life experience and history. However, it is important to take joy in the beauty and blessings that surround our everyday lives, even when we are not expecting them.